Home Painting Services Scottsdale, AZ

For those in need of professional house painters in Scottsdale, Arizona Home Painting is your premier choice. Our team has been dedicated to enhancing homes and properties in Scottsdale for many years, applying each fresh coat of paint with meticulous attention to detail. Boasting a team of seasoned and certified painting professionals in Scottsdale, we promise the utmost in quality standards.

Home Painters in Scottsdale, AZ

Our journey through Scottsdale’s neighborhoods has given us a profound appreciation of the city’s architectural diversity. We’re not just contractors; we’re custodians of Scottsdale’s architectural beauty, committed to preserving and enhancing it with every stroke of our brushes.

Top Paint Brands for Scottsdale Homes

  1. Sherwin-Williams Duration Home:

    • Ideal for high temperatures and intense sunlight.
    • Offers moisture resistance, perfect for monsoon season.
  2. Behr Premium Plus Ultra:

    • Excellent UV resistance, preventing fading.
    • High durability against dust and wind erosion.
  3. Benjamin Moore Aura:

    • Superior color retention in sunny conditions.
    • Mildew-resistant, a key feature for humid months.
  4. Dunn-Edwards Evershield:

    • Tailored for desert climates.
    • Exceptional coverage, reducing the need for multiple coats.

Paint Durability and Efficiency


UV Resistance

Durability (Years)

Coverage (Sq Ft/Gallon)






Very High



Benjamin Moore








Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint
  • Heat Reflectivity: Opt for paints that reflect heat to keep homes cooler.
  • Color Fading: Choose paints with high color retention.
  • Moisture Resistance: Important during Scottsdale’s monsoon season.

Professional Painting Services in Scottsdale

At Arizona Home Painting, our Scottsdale painting experts excel in a wide array of services designed to bring your painting vision to life with precision and flair. Our offerings are carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of Scottsdale, AZ, residents, ensuring every project from floor to ceiling shines with excellence.

Our Scottsdale-centric services include:

  • Interior Painting: Transform the ambiance of your home with a new interior paint job. A fresh layer of paint can significantly enhance the look and feel of your space, making it more welcoming and vibrant.

  • Exterior Painting: The outside of your home is a reflection of your personal style. Let our Scottsdale house painters assist you in conveying the right message to your visitors with a professional exterior paint job.

  • Living Room Painting: Achieving the perfect paint job involves more than just applying paint to the wall. Avoid the disappointment of streaks and uneven finishes with our team of certified Scottsdale painters. We use proven techniques to ensure your living room looks flawless and inviting.

  • Kitchen Painting: The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where memories are created. Refresh this essential space with a new coat of paint and witness the transformation.

  • Deck Painting: A well-maintained deck not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space but also extends its lifespan. Our professional painters in Scottsdale can revitalize your deck, ensuring it stands up to the Arizona elements and remains a point of pride for your home.

  • Fence Painting: A beautiful fence enhances your home’s privacy and curb appeal. Protect and beautify your fence with high-quality paint selections from our Scottsdale painting services. We guide you in choosing the best options for durability and aesthetic appeal for all your outdoor projects.

Trust Arizona Home Painting for all your Scottsdale painting needs, where quality meets craftsmanship in every brushstroke.

Services We Offer In Scottsdale

Interior Painting Services

Revitalize your home with our expert Scottsdale interior painting, merging skilled craftsmanship with your unique style. From single rooms to entire homes, our commitment to quality ensures a personalized masterpiece that makes your space truly feel like home.

Exterior Painting Services

Elevate your home's exterior aesthetics with our expert residential painting service. We specialize in transforming properties, combining skilled craftsmanship with durable finishes to enhance your curb appeal.

Commercial Painting Services

Transform your commercial space with our customized painting service designed for businesses. Whether it's refining sleek office interiors or ensuring resilient and polished exteriors, our expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail guarantee an inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike.

Our Happy Clients!

At Arizona Home Painting, we go the extra mile to ensure every job is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted and completed with a commitment to exceeding our clients’ satisfaction.

“Arizona Home Painting tackled the exterior of my house. I’m so happy I found them because they’re not just pros at what they do, but they’re also super reliable and always manage to do an excellent job.”

Janice E.

“We’re over the moon about the incredible job Arizona Home Painting did transforming our home! From their promptness to their friendly and easygoing nature, working with them was a breeze. The painters were absolute rock stars! A heartfelt thank you for turning our forever home into a place we truly adore!”

Nathan S.

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